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We Are Committed - We Are Involved!
We here at Pristine Maids love to get involved!

Our mission is simple; to improve the lives of disabled and
elderly veterans by providing them with much needed
household help. ​Environment for our disabled or elderly
community heroes and their families. We accomplish this
mission by providing free house cleaning services to help
make their lives easier. Whether our heroes belong to the
United States Military or our local police force or fire
department, providing free house cleaning services is our way
of saying "Thank you!" for the sacrifices our community heroes
make every day for us, our community and our country.

If you or someone you know may benefit from this service,
please contact our office immediately to begin the process of
getting started.
At Pristine Maids we are not just an ordinary cleaning
service, We give back to the community as much as
we can.

If you have an elderly parent or family member that is
in need assistance please call our office to learn more
about our new program!

We provide a wide variety of FREE services for these
elderly members.
Free house cleaning
HOPE - Helping our precious elders began with the loss of
my favorite aunt last June. It took me by surprise at the family
members that lived so close to her yet never went to see her
in hospice. No time for a visit?, No time to take her a fresh
flower?, No time for her period, I don't understand that!
I love and miss you AJ!
Residential Cleaning