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Get Answers to These Most Frequent Common Questions
Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive all the time. If there are still questions you may have,
please feel free to ask them.

Lets begin with the WHO questions:

Who will be cleaning my home?

Some of the best people in the industry!! Our team members have all been placed through a C.O.R.E training
program that gives them the ability to work hands on with the owners to ensure they are all brought up to
Pristine Maids standards when providing
A Higher Standard Of CLEAN™ for our clients homes.  Every
member of our team has been thoroughly background checked and we do random drug-testing.
The WHAT questions:

What products do you use?

Every customer who chooses Pristine Maids LLC can rest assured that only top brand cleaning products are being
used in their home. Pristine Maids LLC supplies all cleaning supplies needed. If you have a preferred cleaner you
would like used on your home that's no problem, simply leave the cleaner on the kitchen counter for your

Option A: Traditional line of chemicals that includes all the scary stuff, but we use the least offensive product that
will get the job done to your specifications. We also carry a Green line of chemicals if you would prefer that option.
We are able to clean naturally as well, an especially nice option if you are highly sensitive. We provide all cloths,
brushes, equipment etc

Option B: Personal Protection Kit - You may purchase from us your very own cleaning kit that is kept at your
home and used only on your home. It includes all of your specific cleaning chemicals, microfiber cloths for dusting
and glass, Long extended feather duster, sponges, brushes, pail, mop and vacuum. With this option there is
obviously no chance of contamination.
Please call our office for pricing*

What time will you be at my house?

When scheduling your request you can give Sharon a requested date and time and as long as we have availability
for that time she will schedule your appointment otherwise she will discuss options available.

What days are you closed?

Pristine Maids is closed on Sunday. We are also closed Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

What if I'm not satisfied?  

Our work is 100% guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied we will return within 24 hours and re-clean any
unsatisfactory areas.  

What if I have to skip or cancel my service?

Give us 24 business hours notice of your change in plans and we will promptly reschedule or cancel your service.

What happens if something is damaged in my home?

The cleaners have been instructed to leave a note on the kitchen counter. We ask you to decide how you would
like the situation handled. We can replace the item, reimburse you for it or credit your account for the amount
+20%. You decide and we'll do it - unless it's a coffee pot. Those are replaced before the end of the day if at all
possible because we know how awful it is not to have coffee!

The HOW questions:

How many people come to clean my home?

We may send one cleaner to your home based on the size of the home or we may use teams of two
professionally trained maids to clean your home. We want you to enjoy the kind of continuity in your service that
allows you to never think twice about it. We make every effort to send the same cleaner to your home for each
visit however we do not guarantee you will receive the same cleaner each visit.
How do I pay for my service?

Unfortunately, for the protection of the cleaners and the company, we do not accept personal
checks or cash payments
. We accept Credit Cards - Visa, Master Card or Discover. When
paying by credit card, you will get a copy of your paid invoice via email as long as we have your
email address on file. Payment for first time customers is due in full prior to initial cleaning service.
When we process credit cards as payment for recurring service, they are processed on
Mondays. There is a $3.00 Credit Card processing fee. This is the fee our merchant charges
Pristine Maids LLC. We do not make any money off of this charge.  

How will you get in?

We prefer to have a key. Our secure lock box and numbering system makes us feel the most
secure. We will get a key from under the mat and lock it inside if you prefer that option, but we
ask you to keep in mind that we do charge lock-out fees so it is critical that we are able to have
access on the day of the cleaning.

How do you handle my pets?

We are a pet-friendly company, meaning your pets are welcome to have the run of the house as
long as they are friendly. We keep them either in or out as you prefer and we may even have a
treat for them so let us know of any dietary restrictions.
We’ll make sure they get a little extra loving on Pristine Maid day! It won’t take long before your
dogs will get the rhythm of our visits and begin to wait for us by the door.

How do I tip?

It's not expected, but it is greatly appreciated for work well done. All tips are to go directly to
your cleaner or team.
Pristine Maids does not handle any aspect of the tips. If you are paying for your service with a
credit card and wish to have a tip included for your cleaner or team, please call the office and we
will make sure they receive their tip. While everyone LOVES getting their tips, you should not use
tips to “buy” better service. It will probably back-fire on you. Our Teams are trained that tips
mean they’ve done an exceptional job, so if you tip you will continue to get the same service –
which may not be helpful if
you’re trying to buy better service.

How do I get the best possible service?

Understand that there is a breaking-in period with a new housecleaning company. Be prepared to
give a LOT of feedback initially. All those little details are what make the difference!  Don’t worry
about picking up and tidying, we’ll do that automatically, but let us know every little thing you like
and don’t like. It won’t be long before we’ll be doing it just the way you want it. To get that
added discount off your initial cleaning – give us a Like on
Facebook and get $50 off your initial
cleaning instead of $25.
Finally the WHY questions:

Why does the Initial cleaning cost more?

The initial deep cleaning is a LOT more work. This is when we get all the build-up of hard water, soap scum etc. off as well as the deep dusting and vacuuming that are necessary – just removing the grates from the
refrigerator and microwave make a big difference on that day. After this initial cleaning, we will spend much less time in your home keeping it up to this standard. You will probably want a Spring cleaning once a year
or so to wet wipe all the wood work, the blinds, valances, fans, etc. but your regular cleaning will probably maintain the majority of your home.

Why were photos taken of the interior and exterior of my home?

Pristine Maids, LLC may take photos of the interior/exterior of your home if the condition is not what we consider "normal". This is for proof of the condition of the home when we begin and at times, pictures of the
after in order to show you the difference. Also, the pictures have been used in order for homeowners to take legal action against tenants who have caused damage to the home. Once you sign the credit card
authorization form, you have given Pristine Maids, LLC the consent to take photos of your home exterior and/or interior.

Why are some services cheaper than others?  

Because they should be!  The underground market (aka "trunk-slammers") seems less expensive but in the long run it really isn't. They give the cleaning industry a bad name by not paying taxes and hiring illegals.  
(click here to read more)  For an eye-opening report on the "independents" vs. the "professionals" download this
Free Report.

Why do I see similar word content or ads like Pristine Maids on Craigslist?

That's because our competitors have nothing else better to do and want to be just like us so bad they feel the need to steal our word content and or offers. Bottom line, Pristine Maids is not affiliated with any other
service you see similar offers or wording. Please call our office if you have questions. These companies are being monitored by our attorneys.

* Warning - Please pay attention to the ads posted as some businesses have recently changed their name however it is actually the same service last year. More than likely these businesses have ruined their
reputation and are looking to start over.
Hire a service that has been servicing the community for more than 6 months!

A Well known and established service goes a long way!
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