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Learning Centers - Medical Facilities
At Pristine Maids, LLC we know that learning
institutions are a place to learn, grow, succeed and advance to a
new level.  

We take pride in the fact that our janitorial services are respected
with the same dignity. Whether your building is a preschool, private
school, adult learning center, medical learning facility, technical
institute, continuation school or religious study group, the campus
buildings need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Pristine Maids, LLC
offers detailed customized scheduled maintenance to get the job
done right. Learning institutions have a high volume of student traffic
that come and go into the libraries, restroom facilities, cafeterias,
lounge areas, classrooms and administration buildings.
Students and school personnel alike need a clean environment to function at the highest degree of performance. A customized
cleaning schedule helps the attendees and employees at any school, campus or learning center get the most from their efforts and
allows students to focus.
Medical Facilities and Clinics
Let Pristine Maids, LLC be your cleaning solution to keeping your doctors office, medical clinic, laboratory or
other institution clean around the clock.  We understand that the state has strict regulations, guidelines and
standards Our experienced staff members are experts in cleaning around the various types of equipment that
sometimes leak or drain chemicals, solutions and other build-up / deposits.

Our current client roster includes dialysis centers, optometrists, walk-in
clinics, are staffed with highly educated professionals who know that the
cleaning should be done is such a way that it complements the atmosphere
within the medical group and cleaning responsibilities should be held to the
highest standards. The medical facilities’ cleaning experts at Pristine Maids,
LLC handles these circumstances on a regular basis and to them, the duties
are second nature. Our professional quality care managers do weekly
inspections with a detailed checklist to ensure that nothing is missed

Let Pristine Maids, LLC  worry about the janitorial services and you can
focus on running your business.
Facility Cleaning